Most of us recognize an ass and are very familiar with the donkey in the Bible.

Whenever I remember them, I also remember the Sancho Panza in Don Quixote, and that memory alone always makes me laugh.

But this WONDERFUL animal down there is the largest North American Ass, “American Mammoth Jack”, a cousin of the horse and best known ‘simply’ as a Mammoth Jack. :-)

He is not beautiful?

The ‘Jacks’ are a descendant of several European breeds of donkeys and were imported into the United States at the time of George Washington. The races that have influenced the Mammoth Jack donkey were the Maltese, Poitou donkey (sometimes also called Mammoth Donkey), Andalusian donkey, ass of Majorca, and the¬†Catalonia donkeys. The males are called jacks and females, ‘Jennies’.

Those huge ears, the baby faces, the ridiculously long legs, liquid eyes, playful curiosity… And then a ‘mama’ and trying to ignore the silly innocence of life of a foal…

Just like the innocence of children worldwide, there is only the present, no past or future.

Living for that short period of time under the sun, playing in any stream, running around… As timeless images of motherhood and peace…

Now tell me really: I’m not very, very beautiful…? :-)

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