I love the weather. I’m a ‘connoisseur’ of weather, so to speak.

Before leaving home, I turn on the weather channel and see what’s going on, what’s coming.

I also like to know about the regional climate patterns, how storms are created in different altitudes, what kinds of clouds are forming or dissipating or blowing through, where the winds are coming from, where they’ve been.

This is not a passion of many people, I know… but I don’t believe there are any people on earth who, properly sheltered, don’t feel the peace inside a spring or summer rain, and the cleansing it brings, the renewal of the earth in its consequences.

So I’m sitting on the porch, drinking my coffee and having daydreams about rain.

Happy enough in my heart to be alive and watching something very special: this huge storm.

The first of the first day of spring.

”Life is not about how to find shelter in storms, but about learning how to dance under them.” (?)

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