I love the confidence makeup that gave me and to anyone that uses it. But the truth is that we women do not have to spend money, starving, struggling and studying about ‘how’ to become more sensual. We have always been.

The editors of magazines and commercials are required, forced to say “what men want from women“, when in fact it is  what advertisers want from women: only our money.

• Did you notice that most lipsticks, for example, contain:

◊ methylparaben

◊ propylparaben

◊ retynil palmitate

◊ tocopheryl acetate

◊ Red 36 and D & C

ALL linked to cancer and other serious health problems?

And manufacturers of cosmetics still test these products on poor, innocent animals that have done nothing, anything wrong against any human being!

Why not test on themselves or on prisoners convicted of murder or rape?

Wouldn’t it be much more effective to see if it irritates their eyes instead of putting it in the eyes of a poor bunny to see if it hurts?

The ’joie de vivre’ and a healthy diet is the best cosmetic in my opinion.


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