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Flores, porque e' primavera no Texas
In the springtime, they bloom everywhere, but I mean really everywhere! Even on the freeways. They are the symbol Texas, the Bluebonnets.
Sylvan Beach Sunrise La Porte

Sunrise in my neighborhood… May every sunrise bring good things, and the moon, much peace.
This beach, now has stones, but they are being taken away and tons of sand are coming

Sunrise in my neighborhood… May every sunrise bring good things, and the moon, much peace.

This beach, now has stones, but they are being taken away and tons of sand is coming! Yea’hhh…..!!! :-)

Patos Nativos La Porte

Wildlife is not rare around us, … These are cute, but opossums are creepy-looking with their more than 50 teeth! Do you have the courage to see them… I can show them to you… The only American marsupio.

Manha 27.03.09

On my little street, we’re always stopping on our walk with the dogs. The vision is a gorgeous bay, where gigantic pelicans and seagulls that make those funny laughs are always present (Nemo said they are rats with wings …) plus the huge ships coming and going.

Por de Sol Ponte La Porte

A bridge near the house, Fred Hartmann is the longest bridge in the state. And the dots I mentioned in elongated aerial photo with the islands, you can also see here, which are ships passing under the bridge that I call the “McDonald’s” because of the big yellow arches ;-) In the picture they’re orange, because it was at end of the day, at Sunset.

La Porte Aereo Ilha

We are there close to the islands at the edge of the bay. The elongated dots that you see, are ships coming from around the world on the way to the Port of Houston.

Predio Historico -- La Porte

Here in the city where we live, and everything ‘historic, peaceful, bucolic, a city considered dormant. If you work in downtown Houston and rest in towns like this, for ‘us’ Brazilians they are just like neighborhoods.


Each day when you wake up, ask yourself “what good things will I do today?” No, because when the sun goes down, takes with it a part of our lives. (This beach is 10 min. from home)

Sylvan Beach -- La Porte
I passed by here today on the way from the gym, I took a quick stop to see the works that began some two months ago. They are taking the stones from the edge of the water and… WE WILL HAVE A BEACH WITH SAND close to home! City Hall says that it cost about 3 million dollars, for me to be able to feel the sand between my toes. Oie’e'e’e'…..Skindolele, Tra’,la’.la’………… :-)
Ask me if I’m happy.

Nascer do Sol perto de casa

The same place at sunrise.

I like this place so much, and it’s even giving me butias in September… ! As you can see by the Pindo palm in the photo.

Galveston Bay sunset

Another sunset on our bay.

Today I saw these colors and thought about how insignificant I am… Of course I thought that yesterday, too, and it rained :-)

Pipas -- Sylvan Beach, La Porte
At the beginning of the year at the beginning of spring is we have the kite festival.

La Porte, Main Street
The old main street of the cidade. This Mexican restaurant has tasty food! And the owner always goes from table to table socializing with clients, he even asked me the other day, I wanted to listen to music. Since he only plays Mexican music, I asked for Trio Los Panchos to kill my childhood nostalgia and memories of my father. Awwww………..

La Porte: Calcada
Unusual scene here: sidewalks for strolling, our city has, and because it’s historic. Here we go from store to store as we drive. Walkers are a rare thing, as you can see, everything is empty, parked cars and so they go from store to store.

Simbolos de TexasThese above, are symbols of Texas.

Below, at the end of each day, these birds line up on the corner by the supermarket where I go. I’m intrigued. I took this photo from inside the car at traffic light.

Birds, birds, birds!LPorte.jpg

Marinas of this place.

Morgan's Point Marina

Outono -- La Porte

Above: Autumn here.

Lagartixa Texana Comendo Melancia

The lizards here are like this: they look like street vendor toys, I think they’re cute, but my dogs find them delicious! I try my best to save them, but often find them running around without a tail :-(

Lynchburg Ferry

On this ferry can go to the nearby town.

Lynchburg Ferry at Sunset

The same ferry at dusk.

I love this statue of children with the seagulls, a symbol of where we live.
blog kidsgaivotasbig

Blog.park seabreze
Below, sunset 02/09/09 the weatherman said we would have a beautiful sunset then, we went out to see…. I like the meteorological science! Here it works 99.9% of the time. They rarely make mistakes in their predictions.

sunset MPoint2

The sky was opening up like an egg, a perfect sunset while the water was on fire!
sunset MPoint3

The clouds came, not to bring a storm, but to bring color to our sunset.

In those magic moments, my soul ‘expands’ in adoration to the Creator!

sunset MPoint4

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  1. me says:

    Where is the pink bridge?

  2. walderez says:

    There’s 2 bridges on the PHOTOS page, one is Fred Hartmann (it’s pink because of the sunset hour) and the other one is at CEDAR BAYOU behind the post office.

  3. Joliv says:

    Lindas suas fotos. Notei que é próximo a Houston-TX, mas não explorei o site para saber qual cidade é.


  4. walderez says:

    Brigada pela visita! Volte sempre Jorge.

  5. WLW says:

    Hola! This is the first visit to your blog for me and I just wanted to tell you that your pictures and outlook on life are very refreshing. I have lived in this area all my life and sometimes find that I take things I see every day for granted. But, I will enjoy what we have more, thanks to your comments!
    Maybe my wife and I will meet you one day and we can share this little part of the world we live in. By the way, my wife is an immigrant, too.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks. I think so too. It’s my wife that writes the blog and I just translate it into english. So we have a dual-language blog. She’s really got a very positive outlook on life, and that’s good for me — it is a real good balance since I’m the kind of pessimist.

  7. Tanya says:

    The picture of anoles and the picture immediately after it (ferry) could win foto contests!
    Enter some!
    Tchau! tchau! Abracos!

  8. walderez says:

    I already enter and win! :o )

  9. Pedro says:

    Walderez, belas fotos e gostei to blog e seus textos, Cheguei neste mes em Houston e pretendo ir conhecer Gavelstone assim que minha esposa (de Gramado) chegar do Brasil. Adicionei em meus favoritos e virei conferir suas atualizacoes. Parabens tambem pela tua Familia., Pedro

  10. walderez says:

    Obrigada Pedro. Honrada com sua visita e subscriçao.
    Tenha um lindo domingo!

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